Sunday, July 3, 2011

Summer clean up.

Good news, my first board ever, Chipcon CC1111 based USB radio, works fine. I bought an official TI's eZ430-Chronos with 915MHz transmitter, loaded transmitter firmware onto my board (it was designed maximally compatible with TI's for this purpose), and bingo - it works.

It is not only my very first board designed, it's also the most complex one. It has many 0402 components - radio reference designs frequently use this totally hobbyist unfriendly size. And having no network analyzer around the only hope is to follow someone else's design as close as possible.

But it works. I did not check the range compared to the official one, but I would not be surprised if it's not spectacular.

Check out my board compared to the official TI's. Mine is larger, breadboard friendly board.